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Novadiscovery, Conquer the complexity of biology with clinical trial simulations

Novadiscovery, who are we ?

Novadiscovery (nova) is a healthtech company based in Lyon and specialized in the simulation of clinical trials with virtual patients (in silico clinical trials). Briefly, we help biotech and pharma companies bring innovative medicine to the market faster, at lower cost and with greater confidence.

Our mission is to revolutionize clinical trials. Indeed, nova's first mission is to support better preclinical and clinical research and development of new drugs and therapies for the best matching patients. By leveraging the vast amount of knowledge available in biology and medicine with computational models of diseases, we are committed to improving clinical trials efficiency. Patients are a scarce and precious resource. With nova's in-silico trials design and simulation platform, jinkō, clinical trials are run through computer modeling with a disease model and a virtual population representative of any specific context or geographical location. Each trial tests just one hypothesis. Moreover, existing trial data can be harmonized and extrapolated. Where no data from previous trials are available, trials can be simulated to generate synthetic data. Thus jinkō offers the ability to test, compare and optimize trial protocol designs on thousands of digital patients before accruing human subjects, which informs and de-risks decision-making each step of the way. Jinkō helps drug developers bring innovative medicines to market faster, cheaper and with greater efficiency

Our values and cultural attributes form the bedrock of our success. We hire the best and brightest, and we choose our team members for their attitude as much as for their aptitude. We foster a culture of transparent communication to build trust and accountability. NOVA’s cultural attributes are: integrity, emergent leadership, comfort with ambiguity and intellectual humility.

Working half-remotely and half-onsite we allow both personal organization and optimized teamwork in our openspace. The “Charte de télétravail” provides flexibility for our employees.

Novadiscovery and Doctors ?

Novadiscovery is a company with a strong applied research component in the fields of mathematical modeling of diseases and in the numerical resolution of mathematical models. Thus, value the expertise of young doctors is strategic in the development of our activities.

What are our vacancies ?

We pride ourselves on attracting the most talented individuals. Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in biology, medicine, clinical pharmacology, applied mathematics, data science, artificial intelligence and software development so that we hold a wild variety of jobs and profiles.

Your are…

- A team player, a good listener, and an effective communicator.

- Eager to join a growing multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic innovators such as biologists, data scientists, applied math engineers and developers.

- Curious and proactive with a solid grounding in biology and/or mathematical modeling and/or web technologies

- Eager to learn and use mathematical methods for the modeling of biological systems and simulate virtual diseases and treatments

- Willing to explore and exploit large datasets and virtual populations

- Autonomous and self-motivated with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, you find innovative solutions to science and engineering problems

- Responsive and capable of facing time-sensitive challenges

How to contact us?

Find our actualities and job opportunities on

All our vacancies are available in real-time on our website, section Careers and you can directly apply there. Moreover, to know more about us, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter

Find our collaborators portraits

- Angélique Perrillat-Mercerot: Biomodeler & Leader in scientific dissemination - Link to the interview on the website

- Théo Galland, Biomodeler - Link to the podcast

- Emmanuel Pham, VP of Science & Customer Experience Europe - Link to the video

- Ehub Gelblum, Chief financial officer, Link to the interview

- Claudio Monteiro, Biomodeler, The job of biomodeler

- Eulalie Courcelles (Landèche), Biomodeler - The job of biomodeler


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